The following are available under our preventive medicare service

Comprehensive Health Check Plan

Despite considerable health awareness campaigns, maintenance of a healthy lifestyle by individuals is yet to gain adequate traction in our society.

Diabetic Health Check Plan

Diabetes mellitus is a disease characterized by elevated blood sugar as a result of defects in the production and/or action of insulin.

Domestic Staff Screening

The percentage of working class families in our society is on the increase with no sign of decline any time soon.

Elderly Pre-Paid Health Care Plan

The elderly population in our society is one of the most vulnerable demographic in the world of health care.

Food Handlers Screening

Some food production and packaging organizations have been set back due to food safety errors.

Ladies Health Check Plan

Modern life today is fraught with many stress-related activities which further add to the daily demand of an average woman who has a complex but unique reproductive system to deal with.

Pre-Employment Medical Screening

Goal oriented organizations today have recognized that success largely depends on the quality of human resources they can attract which is in turn linked to their health.

Pre-Paid Family Health Plans

Newgate Hospital, is a highly specialized healthcare provider which places a superior emphasis on Maternal and Child Care, Infertility and Gynecological Treatment and provision of Comprehensive Family Health Plans.

School Health Services

Newgate Medical Services Limited operates comprehensive school healthcare services for all schools; Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Tertiary Institutions, Private and Public schools.