News Updates: Newgate Launches Private Clinic Facility

The hospital once again took a giant leap forward by launching a state-of-the-art private clinic. The occasion was colorful and witnessed the attendance of top management and staff of Newgate Medical Services as well as friends and well wishers.


Mr. Opadokun (Senior) Cutting the tape and officially opening the clinic for operation
Mrs. Opadokun (Senior) gives opening prayer- appreciating God for the directors and every member of staff and their families
Mrs. Opadokun (junior) gives leads another session of opening prayer- Thanking God for yet another successful achievement
The Chairman giving his opening speech- commending the efforts of every stakeholder towards this great accomplishment.
The Chairman further acknowledges the supportive role of the landlord in the years past and pledges to maintain the cordial relationship
Mr. Boyede performs the first symbolic cutting of the tape
The landlord performs the second symbolic cutting of the tape
Mr. Gabriel Opadokun give the vote of thanks- narrating briefly the history of the company and thanking everyone who has supported the dream
Mr. & Mrs. Opadokun (Senior) appreciates God in praises and prayers before cutting the tape
Mr. Opadokun (Senior) preparing to cut the tape
Mr. Opadokun (Senior) cuts the tape - officially opening the new facility for business operations
Everyone expressing joy at the official opening of the clinic
Guests are shaking hands and hugging one another while celebrating
More hand-shakes, smiles, laughter and exchange of pleasantries at the official launching of the private clinic
The CEO - Mr. Gabriel Opadokun Takes guests on a tour around the facility
The new nursing bay for private patients.